Transition to Executive Coaching and Create Impact

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3 Simple Strategies To Manage Your Career as an Executive Coach

Strategies you need to create a successful coaching practice.

This is your chance to become an Effective Executive coach

Ready to instill clarity for your clients?

Ready to reinvent your coaching practice?

Ready to open new doors of opportunities?

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We have something really special coming up!

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An exclusive online Masterclass to help goal achievers like yourself make positive life changes and decisions in their coaching career.

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Imagine establishing yourself as an authority, and having a practice with your preferred coaching model and strategies.

Imagine a thriving business with an irresistible offer to help others continuously reach their goals.

Imagine having a coaching practice that produces fast results for your clients.

Which is exactly why I am doing this special Live Masterclass for you-

Hey, I am Nadeje!

Executive Coach, Confidence Strategist and Inspirational Speaker.

I help indispensable and influential women become disruptors of limiting beliefs to rebalance work-life and disrupt leadership stereotypes and old modalities so they can show up as their best selves and step into their leadership roles unapologetically...

I became an executive coach because I wanted to manage my own career, disrupt generational roots, and use my skills to help other women do the same. Most importantly, I wanted to create impact, to help leaders unlock their potential, and build momentum in their personal growth.

  • Do you have a strong desire to help others?
  • Can you deal with people who have been in stressful situations in need of clarity in their decision-makings?

Here’s what you will discover:

Theories and Tools

How to incorporate an effective coaching model in your practice to give your clients the coaching outcomes they paid for...


Learn to how create your own coaching program with a personalized plan that outlines your clients' goals.


Launch and brand yourself: how Identify the best coaching platform to offer your executive coaching services, and establish your autonomy and authority.


Tanique Easy

Entrepreneur/ Career and Mindset Coach

"Nadeje has been one of the most patient and caring coaches I have had. She holds your hands when they need to be held but she is also a straightforward coach pushes you when you need to be pushed to create the momentum in your life so you can achieve those goals. I loved working with Nadeje and would recommend her to anyone looking for a leadership coach..." Nadeje and the team at Goals Impact Coaching and Consulting are amazing to work with. The service and commitment to excellence is truly incredible. I would recommend that any team or executive looking for valuable coaching experience, seek out Goals Impact Coaching and Consulting


Chief Executive at Pathways Volunteer Hospice

"Nadeje was very inspirational and uplifting during our sessions. She was also very clear and concise in our goals. Yes I would definitely recommend her to others." Biggest takeaway from the session: "The importance of planning with intention".

Dr. Stephanie Augustin

BCBA and Licensed Behavior Analysist

"Nadeje is a strong leader and compassionate coach. She provides effective feedback, thoughtful strategies and sound professional advice. I enjoy working with Nadeje and am grateful for her supportive approach to building leaders."

Launch an executive coaching career on your own!

Becoming an effective executive coach is a process...I know!

And I don't want you to make the mistakes I made when I started my coaching career.

That is why I've designed this Masterclass…

Whether you’re a new or seasoned business leader, the strategies that I'll share work...

executive coaching

Unlock your potential as a high-performance leader

Build confidence and gain self-awareness

corporate training

Develop elite performance

Impact your teams and create leader

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